Deutschland - was tust Du? (with English translation, Oct 2023)

Nachdenken im Anschluß eines bewegenden Konzertes (Juni 2023)

To Talk Or Not To Talk? (Classical Music Daily May 2023)

Quality or Taste? (Classical Music Daily April 2023)

Listening to Tchaikovsky: Blacklisting Russian Artists (March 2022)

Jörg Widmann: Idyll und Abgrund

Reflections on Wilhelm Kempff

Annie Fischer - Mozart & Bartok Concertos (for Music & Arts)

Der kuriose Fall der nationalistischen Musik (German)

Fleurs du mal - International Piano July 2011 (subscription)

Jörg Widmann: Fleurs du mal – Sonata after Baudelaire

Drama and Music – Twins Separated at Birth? Derek Jacobi as Lear. March 2011

Meditating on Martha - Piano Magazine Dec 2009

Schubert, Brahms and Stravinsky - An Unlikely Threesome? - Epta Piano Journal Dec 2009

De Profundis - Artists and Justice?

Arts and the Colour of Politics - Music and Vision, 2009

How Ur is Your Urtext? - Piano Magazine March 2009

Several Composers in Search of an Identity - Musical Opinion Jan 2009 and Music & Vision 2009

Life and Other Distractions - Music & Vision, 2009

Petr Eben Memorial Recital - British Czech and Slovak Association Journal, 2008

Prima la Musicologia - Bach Performance in Crisis - Musical Opinion July 2008

Schubert at Steinways Series Brochure, 2005

How Many Sonatas Did Schubert Write? EPTA UK Journal, 2005

Schubert, the Czech Composer? - British Czech and Slovak Association Journal, 2004

Obituary for John Bingham, EPTA UK Journal, 2004



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